Why Teachers & Staff Love Redford

1. We thoroughly prepare EVERYONE for photo days. No unnecessary phone calls or questions from students & parents about photo days.

2. We provide toll free (800) number to all parents so they can call us DIRECTLY with questions.

3. We create a website just for your school containing frequently asked questions so ANYONE can go, or be told to go, to learn EVERYTHING they need to know about photo days.

4. We are in and out of the school in a very quick and efficient manner. There is little interruption during photo days.

5. We know how to help children, teachers AND staff look great in photographs. They will be proud to have their photograph in the yearbook and on their ID cards.

6. We deliver photo packages on time, well packaged and alphabetized for effortless delivery to students.

7. We are professional, friendly & fun to be around for everyone!