Why Choose Redford Photography?

Redford Photography, a local company for over 30 years has always been known for high quality portraits. We have, over the last 5 years, used our experience to dramatically increase the quality of school photography! We simply know how to effortlessly work with children of all ages to obtain great expressions. We also utilize new photo technologies to help get the photos back to the school and yearbook advisor correctly and ON TIME! We are taking the pain out of the school photo process! We, of course, work well with all yearbook manufacturers to get all images to them on time and technically perfect! We help to make your yearbook a wonderful reflection of your school and a much more enjoyable experience for parents!

  • Excellent Fundraising Opportunity
  • Fast and Efficient Photo Days
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Variety of Packages- Something for Everyone.
  • Accurate Delivery- We use latest technology that allows us to produce much more accurate orders.
  • We Take Care of Photo Day Preparation- All signage and reminders are supplied by Redford.
  • We Answer all Questions Directly that parents/students/staff might have, can be directed to us toll free or through our website.
  • Competitive & Fair Pricing
  • We Capture the best expressions-We make extra effort to make sure each individual gets the best image possible.
  • Classroom seminars Available- We can help teach your high school students how to be photographers. (More candids for your yearbook!)
  • We provide schools & yearbook manufacturers images free of charge.

Senior Portrait Discounts & Rebates

If we are chosen to be the official photographer, your senior students will be given significant discounts for senior portraits at our studio.