Why Yearbook Advisors Love Redford

1. We get the yearbook staff all the photographs they need…ON TIME!

2. We provide a large number of candids to help make the yearbook exciting!

3. We provide uniform, perfectly cropped underclass photos according to the yearbook manufacturer standards. This makes layout much easier.

4. We support the local community.

5. We have a 10-point plan that helps ANYONE create better photos. We can help train (through evening classes) interested students, and even interested parents, so that even more great candid photos are available for the yearbook!

6. We provide LARGE image files that are easy to crop, making the layout process faster & easier.

7. We are EXPERTS at Photoshop and graphic layout. We can help with specialized info when requested.

7. We are very friendly! No unnecessary emotional headaches.

8. We are available quickly. We are local and can get there fast for emergencies or a meeting when necessary.

9. Because we are local, we CARE more! Our neighbors are the families of the school district.

10. We are FAST during photo days. Our very efficient nature gets us in and out without fanfare or concerns. You will be amazed how easy photo days can be!

11. We are very good at photographing sports teams, cheerleading squads and marching bands. One photographer to work with to get all that is necessary for the yearbook!