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High Quality Photographs and On Time Delivery at Great Prices!

A local family owned and operated company for over thirty years now brings you exceptional school portraits

Why Choose Redford

Redford Photography, a local company for over 30 years has always been known for high quality portraits. We have, over the last 5 years, used our experience to dramatically increase the quality of school photography! We simply know how to effortlessly work with children of all ages to obtain great expressions. We also utilize new photo technologies to help get the photos back to the school and yearbook advisor correctly and ON TIME! We are taking the pain out of the school photo process! We, of course, work well with all yearbook manufacturers to get all images to them on time and technically perfect! We help to make your yearbook a wonderful reflection of your school and a much more enjoyable experience for parents!

Family Owned and Operated

Redford Photography is setting new & very high standards of providing school pictures & photography services to local schools. Our current school clients have found us to be the most efficient, highest quality, and friendliest photography company in the region. All of our staff members have the clearances required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Imagine a totally professional photography company that makes photo day and all photo services to the families & school district easy, while raising the rebate amount of fundraising to the school. Your Schools Can Now Have Great Underclass Photography. Great Photography and Great Service Lead to Higher Fundraising Opportunities for your school or district!

Expert Staff

Everyone at Redford Photography is eager and willing to bring you the finest experience possible. Our staff is familiar with almost any situation, and feels at ease when in the “pressure cooker” of events. Be it a session for one person or an event of well over 1,000, the staff at Redford Photography finds a way to give the best experience for everyone involved! Imagine great portraits with a ridiculously low retake percentage. Imagine great photos of all your school activities for your yearbook. Imagine higher rebates produced from happy parents wishing to buy more photos because they LOVE them.  ALL of these benefits are now possible from a local family owned photography company. ALL at prices you are used to.

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