Why Coaches and Sports Directors Love Redford

1. We make great photographs with great expressions for all sports! This has been forgotten, or never learned, by so many photography companies.

2. We are very organized and help organizations effortlessly prepare for photo day!

3. We stay in touch with EVERYONE involved.

4. We have seen it all, and are ready with a website, frequently asked questions, and an (800) number for direct communications.


6. We are always ahead of schedule. You will be amazed how efficient we are on photo day!

7. We are friendly and happy…very easy to be around! No grouches here!

8. We can create and/or use YOUR logo on photos.

9. We provide a CD with ANY images you wish to have for yearbooks and programs. EDITED, ON TIME and at NO CHARGE, to leaders of your organizations.

10. We are totally self-sufficient on photo day. You can help if you wish, but it is not necessary!

11. Our prices are extremely fair!

12. Our fundraising rebates are the highest in the industry!